The Prophecy:
A Great Purification and Earth Changes
By Medicine Grizzly Bear Lake-Thom
Traditional Native Healer and Spiritual Teacher
www. (April 2006)


In March 1975, I had a shamanistic visionary experience on a sacred coastal mountain, Trinidad, in northwestern California; (refer to “Tsurau” Yurok Myths, Krober, 1976 for an anthropological study about the power center as a sacred place; also refer to Park, 1932. Shamanism In North America: Eliade, 1964. Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy; and Halifax, 1979, Shamanic Voices for an understanding of the role, function, and meaning of shamanism; (and in Bobby Lake, 1992. Native Healer, Quest Books; Bobby Lake-Thom, Spirits of the Earth, Plume/Penquin, 1997 and Medicine Grizzly Bear Lake, Call To The Great Spirit, Bear/Inner Traditions for a cultural background on the author here.)

The spiritual vision and prophecy involved a UFO type encounter with a Flying Saucer, and the prophecy and teachings were given to me by ancient ancestral spirits. Although I have been laughed at by the public, scorned by my colleagues at the university, and even ridiculed by some of the Native American people for bringing the experience to the public eye, I realize, now that the symbols in this vision, i.e. the example of the flying saucer were appropriate in this era. The experience changed my whole life because it made me emotionally and psychologically ill, the stress from it caused a divorce in my marriage, and the embarrassment to my employer cost me my teaching position. Several months later, after the alleged “Close Encounter”, I found myself unemployed, broke, sick, homeless and destitute. I had nowhere to turn but to the Elders and Medicine people of my tribes for therapy. The experience served to be a death sentence of the old self, it completely changed my life and life-style, and it also proved to be a calling into the spiritual-cultural profession. It was during this time that I went through one of my most intensive shamanic trainings, called in Yurok, hokep, (for elaboration on the concept, refer to Spott and Krober, 1942; Buckley, 1980). If it wasn’t for the open-mindedness of the Native elders and the use of traditional healing methods, I would probably still be sick, or locked up in a mental hospital. But the burden and responsibility of this knowledge still weighs heavy upon my mind, socio-cultural life, and the academic profession I used to support my family. It is not fun being stigmatized as a “Doomsday Preacher”.

The shamanistic visionary type experience, UFO prophecy as I call it, and the predictions I was given about future Earth Changes was first documented in a New Age magazine, Psychic Times (Eureka, 1975), then it reappeared in other publications such as Hohokam Press (Mesa, Arizona, 1976), Akwasasne Notes, (1978); and almost a decade later after some Native American leaders had a chance to evaluate it, the original experience and prophecy was reprinted in Akwekon Literary Journal (Rooseveltown, 1985). The Prophecy, Predictions, and Earth Warnings via the UFO message had also been documented with different Elders Circles, numerous Native American Tribal Councils, numerous Urban Indian Centers; and copies were even sent to the Governor’s Office of California, and to U.S. Presidents at the White House, (Nixon, Reagan, Carter, and Clinton Administrations).

Now, in the 1990’s, almost twenty years later, a considerable number of the original predictions have proven to be true and accurate. Major catastrophes have swept across our continent, and throughout the many different places of the world, (just look at the constant news reports on television and in the daily newspapers). As a consequence, it has sparked a renewed interest about the phenomena and prophecies related to earth changes to the point that special documentaries are now appearing on national televisions and in New Age magazines and books (Jeffery Goodman, 1980; Sunbear and Wabun, 1982; Rolling Thunder, et al, 1992). It is for this reason that I have been asked to once again share my own vision and experience that was originally given to me back in 1975. Some researchers on the subject claim that the prophecy and predictions I was given back in March, 1975 has proven to be more accurate than that of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon, The Hopi Prophecy, and current revelations now being made by different New Age psychics. (I do not try to claim any personal credit for this message, it is not mine, it was given to me for the people, by the Ancient Ones, or the Star People as some Tribes call them. I am not looking for any kind of special recognition. I certainly don’t want to be anyone’s guru, and I don’t need or deserve any further ridicule in my life. Thus, I share it here with a sad heart but good intentions, and leave it up for you to decide about its value and credibility:

The Message and Predictions: Perhaps the most important part of the shamanistic vision and UFO message came in the form of future events and earth changes, which I in turn was instructed to share as a warning and form predictions with mankind. Although I was given information concerning possible worldwide events, the following schematic primarily focuses on areas, which have potential effect upon the United States. Essentially, this is the message I was told to share with my fellow human beings:

"Man does not govern Nature, Nature governs mankind. Human laws are temporary but the Creator’s Laws are permanent. This is a cosmic reality. The first time the world was purified by fire, the second time it was purified by water, the third time it will be purified by the Earth itself. Those who harm, hurt, torment, molest, pollute, and desecrate the Earth will be penalized according to ancient natural laws. Be forewarned of the following omens and subsequent events"
  1. The Moon will turn completely red with blood. This is a sign that thousands of Indians will be destroyed by a major earthquake somewhere in Central America or Mexico. The omen indicated an initiation period for the new cycle of purification.
  2. This will be followed by a substantial increase in minor earthquake activity in the Americas with particular intensity focusing upon the state of California, various Midwest states where earthquakes are not common, the earthquake activity with increase in size and strength.
  3. Floods will begin to occur on the Northwestern United States and the flooding incidents will continue to increase in size and force with each passing year.
  4. Floods will start occurring on the eastern part of the United States. The flood activity with spread to northeastern areas and rotate to the southeastern regions. (The sudden appearance of unusual behavior of large fish prior to the events will be a forewarning.)
  5. Tornadoes will suddenly begin to increase in number, size and location. This will be followed by a series of hurricanes that will also increase in size, strength and speed. (The sudden and unusual behavior of birds will be an omen that these events will occur.
  6. Major earthquakes will then commence throughout the Mideast countries, Europe, China and Russia. Various mountains will erupt and trigger off a chain of reaction of volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Islands. Within two years there will be a significant increase of earthquake activity in the United States, which will eventually get worse with each passing year. Consider the geological events in Europe, Mideast, and China as an omen.
  7. Rare and extinct animals, birds, fish, and reptiles will begin to appear around the world. This omen will be followed by noticeable change in worldwide weather patterns; and the appearance of more pestilence and diseases, some old and known but becoming worse, some new and unknown.
  8. Corresponding this occurrence will be a sudden appearance of solar explosions and activity on the sun. This in turn will be followed by a sudden increase in intercontinental religious conflict and wars over religious differences, land rights, and political competition for religious dominance.
  9. By the late 1970’s there will be a sudden increase of political and religious assassinations involving high governmental leaders and as a consequence attempts of world leaders will be more numerous. There is a possibility that the 39th and/or 40th President of the United States will be assassinated. If such an event occurs it is an indication that a Third War is in the embryonic stage of development, before the mid-1980’s.
  10. There will be a profound increase in new, rare, and unusual diseases and/or sicknesses throughout the United States. Some of these diseases will come from birds, animals, and insects, followed by fish species: and due to manmade poisons secretly dumped into the earth, water and air.
  11. Foreign and deadly insects will begin to enter the United States before the late 1970’s. This is sign that other countries who were originally U.S. allies will soon become deceptive enemies.
  12. By the late 1970’s there will be a very sudden appearance of UFO activity, which will be brought to national attention. Cattle, animals, and humans will disappear via UFO activity and contact. This UFO activity will increase in number with each passing year and as a consequence will cause national concern. Before the year 1986 the U.S. Government will nationally admit that they have recovered and posses a number of alien space craft and beings for scientific study. (Not all of these alien beings will be good ones.)
  13. Serious droughts will begin to occur throughout the world with particular focus upon Africa. This is sign that the United States will begin to experience problems with droughts; followed by critical food shortages world wide, and in the United States.
  14. There will be a sudden increase in snowstorms in the northeastern and eastern part of the United States. At times there will be critical droughts in the western states while severe snowstorms continue on the eastern part of the United States. This activity will be followed in turn by a serious shortage of water, particularly in the northeastern part of the continent, then rotate in cycles with weather patterns becoming unpredictable and worse.
  15. National attention will be brought to the increased problem of unusual skin diseases, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse, and serious health problems involving women and children.
  16. During the early 1980’s there will be critical shortage of energy in the United States and the economic situation will become almost unbearable for the general public. This in turn will cause serious conflicts over natural resources and governmental management of natural resources.
  17. Major forest fires, domestic fires and unusual fires involving industry will become serious national problems. Large corporations and military depots will become the target for arson activity, along with national parks.
  18. Sinkholes will begin to appear in various parts of the United States, possibly in Florida, Southern California, and states near the Mississippi River.
  19. There is a possibility that Mt. St. Helens, or Mt. Rainer, or Mt. Lassen may erupt before the early 1980’s and this will cause scientists to note serious changes in weather behavior and patterns.
  20. Serious social problems will develop in the United States involving two particular groups: the American Indians and preservationists. The two groups will unite together over environmental and natural resource issues. By the mid-1980’s this problem will become a national issue requiring immediate resolution, it will quiet down for two years, then emerge as a national concern by the year 1985, and resurge again in the 1990’s over natural resources and aboriginal religious rights.
  21. Volcanic and earthquake activity will begin to escalate on various islands located near the United States. This will be followed by the possible sinking of some Pacific Islands, and the possible sinking of Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and Japan before the late-1990’s; the islands will be forewarned by certain omens and signs in nature prior to occurring.
  22. A very large star or comet will almost collide with the Earth sometime during the late 1990’s. As a consequence, there will be a very sudden increase in tidal waves, severe flooding, major earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and droughts across the planet. The United States will be hit the hardest by this activity because of the star’s path of travel.
  23. Due to the aforementioned, you might expect the following cities to be seriously affected: From the years 1988 to 1998, then to 2008 earthquake activity may possibly increase yearly, thereby causing destruction of the Los Angeles-Bakersfield area, the San Francisco region, Denver, New York City, and Seattle.
  24. A surprise attack of missiles might be made against the United States on the eastern seaboard, by a smaller country. As a consequence the United States will enter into a Third World War, which might turn into a intercontinental nuclear holocaust. China might become our strongest ally, while Russia will abstain from becoming involved. Shortly after the year 2002 there will be a coalition formed between the world’s superpowers with Russia serving as the mediator, and potentially emerging as the planetary leader. (It is seen that this potential disaster, however, can be averted if proper preparation and strategy is made in advance, spiritually and socially).
  25. By the year 2012 at least half of California might slide off into the Pacific Ocean and become submerged in water, or parts of it might turn into new and separate islands; Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and parts of North and South Carolina could become submerged indefinitely by flood waters and from the Atlantic Ocean. There is also a possibility that the legendary continent of Atlantis (ancient home for some of the of the Eastern Native American Tribes) will resurface permanently on the eastern United States seaboard. As a consequence, ancient and secret documents concerning the history and esoteric knowledge of American Indians will become national news while a serious conflict of ownership pertaining to this continent will develop between Native Nations and the U.S. Government.
  26. Sometime during years 2010-2030 there might be a massive invasion from outer space involving beings from another solar system and other planets. The aliens will be much more advanced than the Earth people-humans in terms of science, technology, psychic development, spirituality, and government. The extraterrestrial beings will come in two different skin colors; some will be a very pale white color, and the other groups will be brownish skin colored. They will bring a new planetary religion to the Earth, and peace, balance, and high scientific advancement. As a result, the Earth people will all be united under a common religion for another 1000 years or more of harmonious and affluent living for all. Interplanetary travel and intergalactic exchange will become a reality comparable to the social events now depicted in science fiction books and movies.

A New Vision and Message Received during 1990-1993:
On several different occasions I was given a new vision while praying and meditating in our sacred sweatlodge ceremonies. I have had the same vision three different times, in three different parts of the country. I did not seek these visions, they came on their own accord, and sometimes vague in symbolism and content. I received the vision for a fourth and final time while during a sweatlodge ceremony at Mt. Shasta, this time the vision was very vivid. I can’t tell you all of it, but I will tell you what it meant: I saw the Earth tilt twice, first to the west toward the Pacific ocean, then it wobbled, and major disasters beyond the human imagination occurred; this activity was followed by fierce winds raging across the Earth. Shortly afterwards, the Earth then tilted towards the east, toward the Atlantic ocean, with people, animals, cars, buildings, factories, cities and everything in nature started sliding into the ocean. It was disastrous beyond imagination, with large chunks of the continent being swallowed by the ocean. Several times, both on the west coast, then on the east coast, the ocean backed up, rose into the air, and like a giant hand, rushed toward the continent and grabbed masses of land. Then once again, fierce winds raged across the earth destroying everything upon the surface that wasn’t hidden underground, or blocked by a natural mountain range. The Earth wobbled, then finally settled. In the vision I desperately looked for a newspaper, something to give me a date; I saw 2012 on the headlines.

People who have heard about this prophecy, or other prophecies frequently ask me: “what can we do about it?” I don’t know if I really have the answer. They also ask: “Why will all this occur, if it does occur?” I don’t really know if I have the answer to that question either. I guess it’s like anything else in life, we can either believe and try to prepare for the possibility of it, or we can rationalize it away, or even ignore it. The answer I therefore believe is up to the individual, and even perhaps groups.
Our Native Elders teach us that the Universe and Nature operates according to a definite system of laws. The laws are both spiritual and physical. To start from the Western frame of reference, for example the Law of Physics states: “ For every action, there is a reaction.” This reaction can be positive or negative. Our Native Elders have also taught us that another principle to live by the Law of Reciprocity: “ don’t take anything without giving something in return, be it plant or herb for healing, animals while hunting, fish for subsistence and ceremony; or food, water, and resources needed for subsistence or ceremony; or when praying and requesting help.

Otherwise, the Circle is broken; the resources become depleted. Everything in Nature has it’s own spirit, in addition to being connected to the Great Spirit, therefore, our Native Elders have counseled us to always show Respect. Which is another ancient Law; in other words, provide payment, offer gift or donation, have a give away, in exchange for the privilege of receiving something we need. In the traditional Native way, we always show respect by offering tobacco and/or food to the Creator, Nature, the Spirits, and our ancestors before taking the life force and spirit of any living thing; and we practice conservation and cleanliness as part of this philosophy. This philosophy is based upon the symbolic power, meaning, and purpose of the Circle: Life is sacred and holy, always approach it with respect, because what goes around comes around, be it positive or negative. We just can't keep taking without giving something back to the circle, otherwise we destroy ourselves. In conclusion, it appears that humankind has forgotten the fact that this Mother Earth and the entire Universe is a Great Circle. They have forgotten, or decided to ignore the ancient laws of Nature and the Universe, or what some cultures and religions even call the Great Creator's Laws. They have become too greedy, too selfish, and too far removed from Nature. As a result, humankind has created its own problem. We have created our own sickness. So the answer to the question, “why?” should be self-evident. Nature goes through cycles; the "Great Purification" as some Native spiritual leaders and prophets call it, is just another part of the universal cycle. Some will survive in the cycle, and others will not. Whether it is a form of punishment from a wrathful God, or from aggravated spirits and forces of Nature, or if it comes about simply as a negative physical and spiritual reaction according to natural law... is all a matter of one's perception, beliefs, and concept of reality.
What can people do to prepare for the potential purification? The Native Elders offer the following advice. First of all, we as human beings must begin to individually and collectively take responsibility for our negative thoughts and actions against this Earth. We must begin to clean up the mess we have made, and try to restore those things that have become polluted, damaged, or depleted. We must learn to assume responsibility for our actions, and try to put political pressure on industries, the governments, communities, and individuals to help find ways to clean up the pollution and destruction now being made by so-called civilization and technological advancement. We should begin to purify our mind, body, and soul by use of the ancient rituals and ceremonies that, since time immemorial, have been done with the Earth, and according to sacred laws and natural cycles. It is now time to give back to the Earth to do healing ceremonies for the Earth, and to pray for and help each other. And the Elders further advise, perhaps we should begin to prepare for survival, by helping each other prepare for the Great Purification; let the rich help the poor, let the wise help the ignorant, let those who have plenty share with the poor. And this approach must be done with a good heart and in a spiritual way.
As for the Native American people, our Elders advise: We are the original caretakers of this land. Bring back your sacred dances, rituals, and ceremonies. Perform the religious activities with cleanliness and according to traditional custom and law: No alcohol, no drugs, abstain from sex, avoid Moontime (menses power and energy), do not record or photograph these activities, and do not sell the religion for profit; otherwise it will not be spiritual. The sacred dances and ceremonies are the tools and knowledge that was originally given to us in the Beginning to help keep the world in balance.
As for the non-Indians, the Elder’s advise: IN ORDER TO CARRY OUT OUR SACRED DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES AS CARETAKERS OF THIS LAND. WE NEED PROTECTION, PRESERVATION, AND PROPER USE OF OUR SACRED SITES, POWER CENTERS, TRADITIONAL RELIGION, AND CULTURE. IT IS FROM SUCH HOLY PLACES WHERE WE GET THE KNOWLEDGE, POWER, AND RESOURCES NEEDED TO HELP HEAL THIS EARTH AND EACH OTHER. (For further Information about the concept refer to Lake, 1990, "Power Centers", Quest Magazine: Swan, 1992, Sacred Places. Quest/Theosophical Publishing; and Deloria, "Sacred Lands", 1993, Winds of Change).
The sacred sites and holy places, (in many different parts of the world, for many different races and cultures of humankind were put upon this Earth by the Great Creator, for a purpose and reason, such as for keeping the Earth in balance; and as a means for dealing with certain potential natural disasters and diseases in a spiritual way. Thus, another way concerned people can help prepare for the alleged Great Purification and potential predictions is to help the Native American people with their aboriginal and legal rights: Make your governments sanction and honor the American Indian Religious Freedom Act (PL9S-341), make your government, large corporations, exploiters, and tourists leave the sacred sites alone, and help support the traditional Native healers and ceremonial leaders so they can have the respect and resources they need to help the people and this country during the forthcoming Earth Changes and difficult times. Nobody knows this Earth better than they do; and without their unique knowledge, power, and abilities it will be difficult for anyone to survive into the future. History has already proven that fact in many cultures.

FOOTNOTE: Sometime in the 1990’s a few people sent me information about a psychic whose name is Gordon-Michael Scallions. He made a number of predictions on Earth Changes and developed a set of “Future Maps of the World”. His future maps show the Pacific Ocean coming all the way over to Kansas area, with the majority of the Western states totally under water; and the U.S. split in half, divided by a super wide River, but with little devastation on the East coast. I don’t want to get into a competitive psychic game here as to who is more correct, but I was not shown that much destruction. If I had to make a map, I would show half of states of Washington and Oregon under water, with 3/4th of California under the Ocean; the Mt. Shasta-Ashland-Medford, Or. Region I think will look like a peninsula or a small island while some other parts of southern California will become islands. As for the eastern seaboard, I have seen half of the states from Main all the way down to Texas completely under water, with the bottom half of Virginia becoming either a peninsula or a small island. But I have also seen the middle of the U.S. almost divided by a very large River that will flow from the Great Lakes, down the Missouri and Missippi

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